Born in the heart
of Emilia Romagna,
in the “Motor Valley”

Arteinmotion was born in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, in the “Motor Valley” region famous for its passion for cars. The region’s deep and storied tradition of striving for excellence has been the guiding principle behind our work for many years, as we seek to combine perfect style with comfort and functionality.

Our Aeronautica product line also draws inspiration from that influence, creating perfect harmony and unexpected contrast at the same time – always with its own unique style. It is a throwback to the past and a leap into the future: luxury objects based on highly innovative design.

The airplane is the starring character of Arteinmotion’s most exclusive line, evoking unique images and a balanced mix of design, creativity and technology.
And so the wing of an airplane is transformed into a desk or a conference table, the turbine of a Boeing 747 becomes an impressive reception bar, or the backup fuel tank of a bomber becomes an unconventional lighting fixture.
And what about the radial engines used in aircraft of the 1930s? They can be transformed into exclusive coffee tables, dining tables or works of art that make any wall special.

This is all the work of the creative minds of the company’s two founders, in search of an unparalleled fusion of diverse materials – all extremely different and yet so perfect together, bringing life to exclusive furnishings.

  • Aviation furniture furnishing decoration, luxury garage decoration

made in Italy

Arteinmotion anticipates the latest trends while still remaining connected to the Made in Italy tradition: this fusion gives rise to captivating visions of contemporary interior design.

Designs, colours and materials are the foundation of this unique mix that can satisfy the most discerning clients’ needs.

Our inexhaustible passion has guided Arteinmotion throughout the years, inspiring us to create artistic objects through a combination of traditional techniques and modern processes.