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Reception Bar Boeing 747

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Who wants to experience the thrill of taking a cocktail or a glass of wine from a counter bar that has been a turbine airplane?

In fact, the bar Boeing-747 has been made from the original turbine of a Boeing 747.

Double or single, 3/4 of the turbine or only half, it is possible to customize the bar according to the needs of the customer.

And if for any reasons the turbine Boeing 747 would be too large, among the range of products of Arteinmotion, made from original aircraft parts, you can find round bars made ​​with smaller original turbines like Douglas DC-8 or even smaller turbines like those of a Boeing 727.

According to the customer’s wishes, these original turbines can be transformed into bar or reception desk; thanks to a work of creativity and design you will get a luxury, unique and original product.



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