Dc-9 cowling coffee table

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A special coffee table.

An authentic piece of design made from an original cowling turbine of a DC-9 Douglas aircraft, also simply known as DC-9 aircraft.

A unique piece of design, a coffee table able to furnish an entire living room alone.

This new model of coffee table, always created by Arteinmotion, has a central spinner more spherical than the previous model.

This is one of the characteristics of all the products made with original pieces of aircrafts. Every product is not and will never be the same as another one, since they are made with original pieces of airplanes following the specific customer requirements.

In fact, if the customer wishes, it is possible to realize the coffee table made with the turbine DC-9 without the central spinner in order to have a bigger and more functional glass, or he/she could may opt for a conical rather than spherical spinner.


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